Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sleeping In

Woke up early this morning and read in the dark by myself.
I'm not someone who can usually fall back to sleep once I am up,
but today somehow found me curled up under a blanket again on the couch.
I hovered in a state of near-sleep until voices and little tremors of footsteps stirred some vague part of the house.
Whispered conversations near me, and shushes, and silence again.
I fell asleep then and dreamed vividly.
Waking, I found myself still alone.
It seems they had found me, and then gently left me to my sleep.
After 9 am now, and yet still gray and cold and early-ish outside and in.
What a beautifully slow way to begin a Sunday.


Heidi Lee said...

Oh I LOOOOOVE when that happens. That state of sleep, where you can hear stuff and you think your going to have to get up...but then an hour later, there you are..still sleeping! Glorious!

Nice they left you be.

cjs said...

hoping your day went as lovely as your morning...

Lisa Y. said...

Delicious! I love that heavy, sleepy, feeling. Only not when it happens in church...