Sunday, October 12, 2008


Sometimes we have ice cream for supper.



Michelle said...

I love you for writing that. And, I gave you props in my blog for it.
When I was growing up we had a big, old house that NEVER cooled off in the summer. My mom would not want to turn on the stove and so we'd have canned fruit cocktail, ice cream and toast (we are Ukrainian so there has to HAS TO be a bread) for supper. Sincerely, some of my happiest child hood feelings are how good that was and how - because it was so easy - everyone was just peaceful and happy.
You're a star. Happy Thanksgiving.

First UMC said...

oh my word - I've got to relax more. That sounds so fun!

Kristy said...

One of my fave lunches, growing up, was when my mum would decide to go the easy route and crack open a can of baked beans and tear open a bag of Ripple chips. We'd eat the beans cold, scooping them up with as many chips as we could jam into our mouths.

Not quite ice cream for dinner, but almost.

Ice cream for're not just making it easier on yourself, you are making memories for your trolls.

And you're giving me inspiration to do the same.