Tuesday, September 04, 2012

First Day In America and Unexplained Happiness

Two Korean exchange students are staying with us for 3 weeks!  They arrived last night.

They are sweet and pretty talkative and they love our dog.

                                                                  Dong hee

        Matt just took them to the mall.  When the girls came down for breakfast this morning, Kara whispered, "What about the dress code?"  Their shorts were shorter than fingertip length :-)  I told her that the school would probably cut them some slack since it's their first day in America.  Matt spoke with the principal, and apparently they got the message and are out shopping right now. 

       After school today I had brownies for them, and asked what the best part of their day was, and what the worst part was.  Unfortunately, they couldn't think of any good things to say - it was a real shock to them at school - mostly because the teachers spoke so quickly that they didn't understand anything.  Also it was burritos for lunch and all of my kids agreed that they were horrible.  One of the other Korean kids at school (there is a large group) said she thought she was going to puke. 
And they say, "puke" like, "pook" so that made me laugh.

       In un-related news, James is sitting on the other couch having a conversation with me right now.  (I can't see him because I'm in a chair facing the other way).

James just said,
"Mom I just feel so happy.  But I don't even know why, I just do."

I answered,
"I've had that happen before.  It's like I feel really happy but I can't remember what is making me feel that way."

James added,
"Either that or I have to yawn, it's practically the same feeling."

I thought about that for a minute.

The voice came over the chair again,

"I kind of feel like singing."