Thursday, October 23, 2008

Neatness Counts

Looking over my calendar I realized how every January I start out with such high hopes.
Not in making any crazy resolutions, mind you, just hoping that this year I'll be able to keep my calendar nice and tidy.

But each month it gets steadily worse, until finally by around September it just degenerates into this:



Kelle said...

At least you keep your calendar. My January looks awesome. By February, I've lost my Calendar and start writing events down on the back of receipts in my wallet...and then I lose them too. EVERY three months, I have to call the pediatrician's office and say, "I think my daughter has an upcoming appt. Can you tell me when it is?"

Heidi Lee said...

Ditto on Kelles comment. Seriously. I write stuff down on the back of scrap papers. It's awful.
I do have a nice planner that Chris got me for Christmas, and I've done pretty well using it this year...but still...the scraps remain laying around my desk.
Your not alone.

Diane said...

So glad you said that, Kelle! I feel like the 'lame mom' all the time.

cjs said...

yes, january is a portrait of order...important days neatly highlighted in bright yellow, yesterday promptly crossed off in black.

I always kinda know it's not going to last, but there's always that ridiculous hope that this is going to be the year.

(had to reschedule 2 of the 3 parent teacher conferences this year. didn't put them in the calendar. thought I'd remember. I didn't. got the call from somer's teacher whose calendar, I am quite sure, stays highlighted all the way through december. with all her yesterdays crossed off. I don't like her. she treats me like I am that mom. which I am. but still. I made a preamble for a project for sydney tonight, rolling the sides in and burning the edges with fire. that counts for something, doesn't it? please tell me it does.

so love you.