Thursday, October 23, 2008

Clean Phone

I lost my phone on Friday.
On Tuesday, I reached inside the dishwasher to empty it,
and there it was, lying in a pool of water under the heating coil.

I think of how it was all alone in there, buzzing hopefully every time we called it.
Its little screen filling with water, its battery corroding, its red light fading...
Eventually losing the will to live, sending all messages straight to voicemail.



Joann said...

Never have I been so sad for a dead phone! :-(

Kristy said...

Bye, phone!

That's a much gentler ending than the way mine went, with a blunt SNAP as it broke in half.

btw...thanks for your note re maternal guilt. I appreciate it very much.

Michelle said...

I want to steal the thought here and turn it into an ad. You're a shiny, shiny star.

Heidi DeBacker said...

Whats up with the new comment form? I can't comment on Carins either. Or maybe I am just dumb. I'll try again.

I love that you wrote "buzzing hopefully" like it was alive....I could almost see him/her...hoping.

Did you ever hear about the time I washed Crisilees brand new mp3 player? Yep. She only had it 4 months. It was toast. So this year we bought her the real deal: an ipod shuffle. So I think she benefited from me washing it.

Now you can get a better phone!!

Heidi Lee said...

Ok Heather, now teach me how to comment because it's showing me not as a blogger, and I soooo am one. WHAT UP? Lets see what happens this time.

KEK said...

well, since your 1st comment showed up, i think your good. :)

how did it end up in the dishwasher anyway?
i can remember you opening up the dishwasher, yelping a little, your piano students looking up from there hot chocolate. rushing over with me right behind. me, thinking that some sort of rat or something was in there, then shreiking with lafter as i saw the phone, lieing there, its red light faded, as you said. poor phone.

Diane said...

I think its probably relived to be passing on. It lived a lonely life anyway....never being carried out of the house or answered.

Anonymous said...

I loved reading your blog. Proud to say I opened by myself! So you found that poor phone-Ha

Can picture Beth with all her treasures.

Actually noticed your hair Sat. night. Looks nice


cjs said...

I'm laughing.
personification at its finest.

kool kenna said...

hahaha only you could leave a phone in the dishwasher