Thursday, October 09, 2008


Twin boy explained from the back seat, while I was driving him to the grocery store, that he really likes playing with girls, and he doesn't think they are gross like the other boys do.

He said, "If one sits down next to me at lunch I just stay right there, I don't move away."

I said, "I'll bet that's because you have a twin who is a girl, so you're used to playing with somebody that's of a different sex."

Muffled snorts from behind me...

"Gender, Mom. It'd be better to say a different gender."


mrc-w said...

Hahaha, your kids are so funny :)

Heidi Lee said...

Oh MY!!! Thats hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

You were right! Nouns have gender.

Oh well, my kids say the same thing.


KEK said...
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