Monday, October 20, 2008


On Saturday night I had this dream that I was driving in the car with girl twin and there was a tornado coming (one of her worst fears), and during the whole time I had this sense of control and calm and feeling like I knew exactly what to do. I turned off the road into this field and drove over the ground toward this low area. Then I got her out and we lay down flat, me partly on top of her, and I just kept telling her to keep her head down. The tornado went right over us, and we could feel the "eye" of it, and the little suction, but we were safe.

I told her about the dream on the way to the imaging center this morning for the scan, and what I thought it meant -- that this was something she was really afraid of, but that I was completely in charge and completely in control, and that I would take care of her through it, and that she would be safe with me and everything would be alright.

So on the way home, when we were both smiling with relief of the tears and the fear and the awfulness behind us, she says,

"Now what do you think you'll dream about, Mom?"

I said, "Well, I think I'll probably dream about the thing that you are most happy about and most looking forward to, like Christmas or something."

There was this long pause and then she said really quietly,

"Thank you."



Heidi Lee said...

Aw Heather, that puts a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes.

You are so blessed.

Diane said...

I'm so glad you wrote this...when I read your email earlier the first thing I thought, once I'd wiped away my own tears, was that you should blog that so you don't forget about it!

Michelle said...


This post is cool on so many levels. Hugs to your little bean, a squeeze for you and big joy for all.



cjs said...

love that.

Lisa Y. said...

Oh. My. The keyboard is damp. Love you both bunches!!

Joann said...

Ok, I've read this story so many times and everytime I get tears in my eyes. Love you.