Thursday, May 27, 2010


Tomorrow is their last day of school for the year.

I know that feeling of freedom that will wash over them
as they leave those stuffy halls, break open the big double doors
and burst out into the sunshine.

I know that feeling.

When the stuff that's been nagging at you is over, and just falls away
and you feel light again,
and the world seems like it's new again,
and possibilities are everywhere.

When you feel sorta reckless and giddy with
the power that comes along with feeling free.

So I'm celebrating that this morning
by eating chips and salsa for breakfast.

Because I want to, and I'm allowed.

Because I SAY I'm allowed.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Nice Combo

Last night I wanted the Teenager to go for a walk with me,
but on the way out the door saw a bag of Combos on the counter.

We never have junk food around, so I called out, "Who got the Combos?"

"You can have it!" yelled the Husband,

and the Teenager and I both lunged for it at the same time,
grappling with each other,
crunching the bag up,
until he held it high above my reach

and I jumped up and down grabbing for it.

I finally crawled over him from the back and reached the
bag, almost completely smashing it,
and we wrestled for a few seconds until I finally
ripped it open.

The Husband rolled his eyes, but the Teenager and I
were in serene congeniality about it,
mutely agreeing

that we would be sharing these while exercising,
and completely okay with the irony of power-walking down the street
sharing a crumbly bag of Combos.

So we ate them while we headed down the road,
and we laughed and talked,
and stopped being mother and son,
as we are accustomed to doing.

It is a relief for both of us to drop our roles,
and I think
that for a little while in the moonlight,
some nights a week,
two jokers ambling around in the dark together,
as friends
is an okay thing.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cell Phound

I misplaced my phone last night,
so I had to set my inner alarm clock and
woke up this morning just before it rang.

I scattered the children throughout the house,
so that they could hear the alarm when it went off,
and within minutes someone yelled,

"Got it!"

I like it when things work out like that.


Sunday, May 02, 2010

Backstage Pass

My head has been spinning these past few weeks, and this is just one of the things that has kept me too busy to write!

My band, Thom Jayne and the Nomads, was invited to be the featured performer on a televised special called, "Backstage Pass". The show has recently gone national -- I don't know exactly what "national" means, or where it will be able to be viewed, but it sounds impressive! This episode of "Backstage Pass" is due to be aired in January or February of 2011. I will keep you posted!

I guess pictures are better than words for this event, so here goes:

All the bands that participate in Backstage Pass over the course of the year are asked to sign the banner in the lobby.

We took that opportunity to take a group pic! Apparently I had to go to the bathroom. What is wrong with my legs??

One of my favorite parts of playing with any band :-)

Kelly and I dress and make good use of the Makeup Room - yes they had one!
A whole wall of mirrors surrounded by lights, very fun.

It was cool to see the stage setup!

Another picture once we got all dressed up!

In the green room waiting to go on:

Finally the cameras roll!

Then I came home, scrubbed a pee stain in the carpet,
did a load of laundry and attacked the pile of dishes in the sink.

But it's all good, ya know? :-)