Thursday, October 16, 2008

In the Zone

I had dropped two of them off at the high school, and turned down Main.
Thinking about the day ahead.
Warm car-seat makin' me cozy.
Not driving too fast.
Careful near the elementary school, children could run out.
Leaves on the trees so autumn-ish.


Just easing down the street.
Looking forward to getting back home.

Two soft voices now enter my consciousness.

I spy little faces in the rearview mirror.
Kind, funny, forgiving little faces.

That's right, I have two more, don't I?
They were so quiet back there.
Drove past their school.

No matter. I'll turn around.

They say, "It's okay, mom."
And they grin at each other.

I think it is okay.



kool kenna said...


Lisa Y. said...

It is ok. You're ok and I'm ok. LOL I think it just shows how deep our minds are capable of going when we can lose ourselves in thought. Deep thinkers of the world unite!

Diane said...

Milo does that on purpose, hoping I'll forget! I have gone as far as the town square before, but have remembered thus far.

Heidi Lee said...

Cute Heather.
Darby is sometimes so quiet in the van, that I will all of a sudden have this horrible thought that I actually left her someplace.

cjs said...

been there.