Friday, October 03, 2008

On Top Of It


It's Friday morning.
I love the days when I am on top of things.
So often I am just one step behind.
Today all three children went down to practice their instruments without being told.
They ate breakfast quietly, reading, as usual.
Girl twin sat at the counter reading, with a backpack on her back, all ready to go.
Nobody stayed too long in the shower.
Everyone remembered to brush their teeth.
Someone said, "Well, when are we going to go?"
I said, "We could go now if everyone's ready."
Footsteps coming from all over the house suddenly, and I high-fived everyone
as I held the door open for them to go past.
(Except for the teenager, I just checked his mouth for the retainer - IN!)
He had started the car, so it was nice and warm.
Just a leisurely drive to the school, no rounding the corners on two wheels.
Even dropped off library books on the way there. Imagine that.
Sat in the parking lot for a few minutes before they got out.
Had two quarters in my pocket for the twins. Popcorn Day.

What could be better than Popcorn Day when you didn't forget your quarter?

Yessir, on top of it.


mrc-w said...

Nice work! I love it when everything goes like clockwork. And you're right, nothing's better than having your quarter on Popcorn Day!

Heidi Lee said...

Oh, I love those days too. Very nice description of your morning. I am so glad it was smooth!

Diane said...

I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop and it never did! nice

Lisa Y. said...

Wow. Put that one in the bank and reread on one of those other kind of mornings. Glad you shared a glimpse of your day. Was the rest of it as smooth?

Diane said...

why do you have a big ad on your blog now? Are you making $$ at this now?

Kulio said...

ha - not making money...and it's such a big ugly ad, I'm debating whether to leave it on or off. But I've clicked on it a few times because the specials change all the time, and there are some good deals. It's basically a way to save/earn money when you shop online. If you join, then a percentage of anything you buy goes back to you (which sounds good to me). Then if anybody else happens to buy from the site that's on your page, you get a very tiny bit of money back too. Not that I've gotten any - ha. I mainly joined just for myself. I sent you referral - did you get it?

Michelle said...

Thank you for your kindness.


Kelle said...

Aw...that is a good day. I always consider a good day when I go to the post office. Because I hate going and waiting in line so I just let the stuff I need to send out via P.O. stack up on my counter for months...late birthday gifts, fun packages, things I have to ship back to where they came from cuz they don't work right. Then, finally, on a very good day, I make my way to the post office, stand in line and get it all done. and it feels so good. when i leave, i feel like i conquered the world...and then i can't stop...i come home and do laundry and wash baseboards and clean fan blades. okay, maybe i dont.