Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Product Placement

The best part about getting your hair cut is when they rub your head.

Last week, the stylist rubbed "clay" into my scalp in order to make my hair stand up at the root. (on purpose)

I wanted more clay.

"More clay?" I tried to ask, but I was drooling.

This I get from my mother. You just have to reach up and flick a speck of lint from her hair and her head drops forward, her shoulders hunch and she starts drooling. Then she nudges you with her elbow, the rest of her still slumped, and mumbles, "More". At that point you're stuck and have to rub her head, but it's all right, because she'll do it back.

Anyway, the worst part about getting your hair cut is when they make you feel guilty for not buying "Product". When you ask how much it costs, they are very, very vague. But then they're rubbing it into your head, and you feel all your muscles go slack, and you're swaying back and forth in the chair and your head nods and suddenly it seems that you've agreed to buy the stuff.

It just appears up there on the counter next to your Visa receipt.

So, I guess sometimes you take the good with the bad.



Heidi Lee said...

Your description of mom was perfect.

So I am guessing you bought the product then? Good for you. Everyone deserves alittle splurge every so often.

Mine is this new lotion I just found at Bath and Body Works. (My new favorite store) It's "jasmine vanilla" and it's the best...the very best smell in the whole wide world. I will always buy that. I don't care how much it is. (I also bought the handsoap!!)

Brent said...

Funny. I rarely get caught in that purchasing situation, but can totally relate to the head falling forward, shoulders slumping...more, please?!!?!

We have a very long standing relationship with the "fabulous" woman who cuts our hair, but I'll leave that story for Joann to relay. We're talking decades!

kool kenna said...

lol thats exactly how i am, must run in the family. grandma exactly!!

Diane said...

Ewwww - I don't like to be touched! I am having my hair done tomorrow and can hardly wait, due to my VERY blonde roots, but won't really enjoy it. Bummer.

Kelle said...

Oh, so true. Laughing about the vague pricing and it appearing next to your visa. I got my haircut last night and I was VERY STRONG!!! Didn't buy! Resisted! Oh, and majorly laughing because there was this beautiful, deep comment on my last post and it comes up as "JJ"...and I'm like, "Who's JJ?" and find out it's James...and then laughed more because blogger must have been logged in as him when you left it. If it indeed was him...well then, he's gunna be a great dad...and a public speaker at the age of 10.

Anonymous said...

I'm still laughing at the picture you put with this post. I was looking closely to see if that was really you...