Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Can I Live At Grandma's?

She got stung by a bee at Grandma's house.

It was her worse fear, next to tornadoes.

I know Grandma and Grandpa felt bad,
as if maybe they could have prevented it.
But they couldn't, it was just bound to happen sometime.

And I'm pretty sure they did everything they could
to treat the injury.

For example:

They googled bee stings,
they put ice on it,
they put an onion on it,
they put meat tenderizer on it,
they gave her a baking soda bath,
they gave her Benadryl,
they gave her ice cream,
they helped her limp downstairs to the big screen tv,
they gave her a pillow and a blanket,
they checked on her in the night to be sure she was still breathing,
and then her cousins down the street
gave her crutches.

They gave her money even though her job was interrupted by the bee,
and called it "worker's compensation".

But she is home now,
and she is no longer on disability.

She had to clean the bathroom for no money at all.

I am an ogre.



Brian Miller said...

that is what grandparents are for...to make us feel like ogres...lol.

TechnoBabe said...

Grandma's house is supposed to be like a vacation. Home is reality. I think grandma and grandpa went above and beyond. So tell her to knock it off, vacation is over. Ha.

Heidi Lee said...

THAT'S why grandparents are so wonderful! They are WAY more sympathetic!