Friday, August 27, 2010

Space Laundry

Well now I am officially a geek because I watched a
video of Ken Bowersox doing his laundry in space.

And I thought it was cool.

Where do astronauts get water?

What's it like to sleep on a space station?

How do you take a shower and use the restroom in space?

These are questions that plague me and keep me up nights.

I found the answers here.

Brushing off my ham radio license to listen in on the astronauts conversations.

I realize that this is either

a) creepy
b) geeky
c) super cool



cjs said...

super cool.

Brian Miller said...

super cool...but shhhh dont tell anybody...smiles.

Anonymous said...

super duper cool!

TechnoBabe said...

Geeky and cool, and those are good things.

mrc-w said...

I love learning about astronauts! We had a really cool space unit in 7th grade that made me briefly consider being an astronaut. Then I saw Apollo 13 and got freaked out, haha! Oh well, I never became an astronaut, but I did name my hamster Sally after Sally Ride (first woman in space).