Sunday, August 29, 2010


Twin Girl is working very hard, doing odd jobs for anyone who will take her,
trying to save up enough money for an iPod Touch.

So I told her that she could straighten the bookshelf and I would pay her.

I told her that my two shelves were already done, so to leave them be.
I told her that all she really needed to do was to look through the books for any
that we might want to get rid of, and put them in a pile for me to check over.
I told her to straighten up the rest.

Now this is the girl who is so much like me.

Instead of taking 15 minutes to do a quick straighten,
she pulled every single book off of every single shelf,
including my shelves,
and put them in a huge pile in the center of the room and then left
and forgot about the whole thing.

Later she put them all back on the shelves,
this time in alphabetical order,
not by author but by book title.

We have Magic Treehouse books mixed in with
Annie Dillard and Mark Twain.

It took her hours.

But she was pleased and I paid her,
acknowledging the genetic footprint I have left behind.



Brian Miller said...

and every time you look at it you will be reminded...

TechnoBabe said...

Alphabetical order was good though.

mrc-w said...

So no netbook savings fund anymore? Is the ipad touch more in her price range? :)

Kulio said...

yeah the laptop is out and the touch is in! It's not the ipad though, it's the iPod, I think she's almost there because she went to her grandpa's hou$e :-)

Heidi Lee said...

Awww...I think thats great she is working so hard!

F.Y.I...we got Crisilee's Itouch from Angie (remember her?) she is a teacher and got it at her teacher store on-line for way less then at the stores. If you have any teacher friends, all they have to do is punch in their code and get you whatever you want! We got Sophie's Nano that way too!