Monday, August 30, 2010

Big Barn Jazz

Last Sunday a band I'm in played at the Big Barn Jazz series,
which is basically a bunch of couches in the basement of this big barn
where people come and play jazz once a month,
and other people pay ten bucks to come hear it.

It was fun because the singer who we opened for, Sunny Wilkinson,
had a huge crowd.

She was really super nice,
the piano player (her husband) was so good,
and their cool bass player called me, "girl,"
which made me feel very hip.

That's me the third from the left in the pink shirt,
along with my band, iZwicky.
Sunny is tall and blond and her husband/pianist
is right next to her.

At the last minute iZwicky asked me to talk,
so I did most of the talking between songs
and introduced our band.

I pretended I was somebody who does stuff like that
all the time. :-)



Brian Miller said...

the atmosphere of an old barn is really cool..good job stepping up to the mic...

TechnoBabe said...

You don't know how badly hubby and I would like to live close enough to come see you, especially in an atmosphere like this one. It sounds like a great venue. Comfy. I like the picture and I picked you out right away, "girl".

Heidi Lee said...

That is so cool.

I bet you ROCKED the talking!! Good job!