Wednesday, August 25, 2010


It's my ya-ya nickname.

I got my name because I'm always making up songs.

Mostly little things like lullabyes and half-thought out melodies.

For the past two days though I've been finishing up a real song,
and it's been hard and life has been a blur.

I feel like when my children talk with me I am so far away,
and my brain won't stop,
and the pressure to finish moves me past mealtimes and bedtimes and people times.

I have been with pencil and paper
and looping machine and bass and keyboard
for two days now without much of a break,
and I feel numb.

The thing is, I am past the point of thinking it is very good.
Now I am just to the point of getting it done.

For someone like me, who chases butterflies
but doesn't like to catch them,

who begins books and projects and resolutions and to-do lists and new adventures
but abandons them when the first wind of change turns my head,

it is a task of elephantine proportions.



Brian Miller said...

so that is not you with your head inside an elephant right...hang in there...and you are going to share once you are done right?

cjs said...

chasing is much more fun than the actual catching indeed.

hope you post it when you're done.

mrc-w said...

You can do it! Just add a cadence and voila! It's in the middle of a phrase, you say? pish posh! It'll be a great surprise to the listener, haha :)

Diane said...
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TechnoBabe said...

I do know what you mean. You just want to complete the task and it just might turn out to be pretty good. I hope it is even better than what you are predicting for yourself.