Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Sneezing With Consequences

Walking back to the parking lot after the basketball game,
the husband and I led the way with children trailing.

Suddenly we heard twin boy sneeze
and saw his glasses skid onto the sidewalk in front of us.
We laughed so hard, but it got me to thinking.

I was watching this info-mercial on Bumpits recently.
They're these little plastic hair inserts that you stick on top of your head
and comb hair over to give
"natural volume and lift to otherwise drab hair".

I checked out my otherwise drab hair in the mirror
and realized with certainty that if I were to wear one of those babies out to dinner,
there is no doubt in my mind that before the evening was over I would sneeze
and a Bump-it would land on my salad plate.



Michelle said...

I hope his glasses were rescued. That used to happen to me ALL THE TIME when I was younger. It was just ...sigh.

Umm. About the Bumpits (unfortunate name). Us "ladies of a certain age" would remember an appliance just so much like this called "the banana clip." As well, we need not buy a Bumpit if we have retained the knowledge of the (THE) backcombing technique of 1985 that involved a 'rat tail' comb and Aussie Miracle hair spray. Ack. The smell of that just came back. Yick. Have to go spit that out.

Michelle said...
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Beth said...

Oh, you have to do this. Please! For me?

Well, it was an entertaining thought.

Heidi Lee said...

Note to self: Don't buy bumpits.

I could totally picture James and thats hilarious!