Saturday, March 07, 2009

Mission Accomplished

I am up late, just riding the high of having hosted an awesome party at my house tonight,
the kind where people stay after the party's over
just because they're having a good time.

True things from tonight that either made me smile or laugh:

* Several people asked me if I have a bathroom.

* A little girl who I didn't know came up to me and said, "I'm bored."

* I held a beautiful, newborn baby who cried but I rocked him to sleep.

* I got a knife stuck in my frozen dessert and couldn't get it out so I had to just leave it on the counter with the knife sticking out of it like it had been attacked, until it thawed.

* It was a baby shower, but a man in jeans, flannel shirt and a baseball cap arrived,
and I still don't know who he is but he was really nice and helped move cars, so I was glad he came.

* Somebody who was supposed to be here at 5:30 got really really lost and didn't arrive
until after 7. We would have saved her some cake, but she had it with her.

* And...

somebody's hair caught on fire.

I'm totally serious.

You know, I don't think a party really gets going until somebody's hair catches fire.

Don't you think?



Beth said...

Hair on fire?! And that stinks, too! OMG! Hilarious!!!!

I love that people ask if you have a bathroom. You could really have some fun with the answers. "Well, we do but it is in the backyard."

Lisa said...

Wow! What a party! The bored comment....ahhh, kids! The man in jeans....just weird! The hair on fire...Oh my gosh!

Kulio said...

I have to qualify the jeans guy was super cool and friendly - I love unexpected guests :-)

And the bathroom thing is so funny, but asking if you have a bathroom just sounds a little more polite than, "Where's the bathroom???" so probably that's why it happens...

Yes burning hair smells really really bad!

Kelle said...

ha ha ha ha. i love this random list. love "i'm bored." ha. oh, and putting a newborn to sleep? the icing on the cake. (you know...the one that wasn't there until after 7)

Heidi Lee said...

Where you find these pictures I'll never know.

And this song is still super appropriate for you!

Glad it went so awesome!

GrandpaC said...

What a neat party! Really hot! (for one person!)

Loved your account of it.

How was the coffee?


cjs said...

now that (italicized) sounds like a great party.

your description made me smile.

and tell diane her comment made my was just what I needed. I loved it. I knew immediately who she is...have heard a lot about you, made me feel really good. i've been trying to leave her a comment every day, but her blog won't let me :o(.


Kelly said...

I can clear up your confusion... flannel shirt guy is Terry's cousin Brian, who came with Terry, who came because he is father to newborn you rocked to sleep. (In case you didn't know that last part.)

Sometimes our family gets confused about the presence of indoor plumbing. ;)

Thank you so much for such an awesome party!

Kulio said...

hee Kelly - I loved that and have a GREAT picture of Terry's cousin (mystery man).

haha on indoor plumbing - it's so funny EVERYBODY says that, I probably do too, but didn't really notice it until Saturday night!

Katelyn said...

LOL ha ha ha. katelyn