Friday, March 20, 2009

Lovin' It

I had a coupon.

So today, like we do about twice a year, I took the twins to the usually-outlawed fast food place
for some BOGO breakfast sandwiches and a Mocha for me.

I took the twins because you could only have one coupon per person per visit
and we were buying for the whole family.

I explained on the way there that they would each have a coupon,
and they would have to go in and buy something all by themselves.
There was much whispering in the backseat as we pulled into the drive-through.

I was collecting my change at the first window when I noticed that they had flattened themselves on to the backseat where they lay motionless
until we pulled up to the second window,
and then there were some shrieks and loud whispers to, "Duck back down!".

Apparently this was a high stakes mission and they were very serious about not messing it up.

I pulled into a parking space and handed them coupons and money.
They kept telling each other their order aloud to make sure that they would say the right thing.
Then they ran in.

Back they came, breathless, each with a bag and change.
"Mom!" they said, interrupting each other to tell me how they felt like grown-ups ordering something all by themselves, and how twin boy went first,
and then he realized that he should act like he didn't know twin girl,
but he didn't want to leave without her when he was done ordering,
so after he got his food he just
"shuffled around and looked at stuff until she was through."

I asked why and he said, "So they wouldn't get suspicious."

Twin girl said she let her brother go first so that she wouldn't have to say anything except,
"I'll have the same thing as him."

Yes, I'm fairly sure we put one over on them.



Diane said...

Bah ha ha ha!! They must have been so nervous.

You are raising rebels, there!

Beth said...

Given the caliber of folks working in these fine establishments, I'll bet the twins did pull one over on them.


Heidi Lee said...

I LOVE this. I love those two!

Kelle said...

smiled all the way through the story. i love it. the two of them are super close, no? i think boy/girl twins would rock. so cool. and i still remember the holidome christmas when you brought them in all tiny...and i remember thinking i had double chances of holding a baby.

Michelle said...

This is brilliant. So fun.

Kulio said...

They are super close -- I think it's because they are so different from each other - sometimes they're like an old married couple. We always try to tell them that they have a special bond, too, and they like the idea of that - you know, power of suggestion - ha. :-)

mrc-w said...

Hahaha, so funny! I love how they hid when you went through the drive-through :)

kool kenna said...

HAHAHA! oh i love it! sounds like they had fun