Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Short Wave

My head is always full of thinking.
It's not particularly brilliant thinking,
it's just....thinking.


Sometimes the things that swirl around in my head become overwhelming
and I can no longer determine priorities for them.
Odd things can rush to the forefront of my thinking,
blocking out the most pressing, important thoughts and, I think, relieving me of them.

So last week I studied for my ham radio license,
went down to the Red Cross and took the test for fifteen bucks,
and afterward they shook my hand and welcomed me aboard.

I still don't know exactly why I did it,
except that I needed to do something measurable,

I think I needed to do something that would connect me with other strange people,
and with outer space at the same time.




Diane said...

Woohoo - congratulations, Girl!

I know the feeling - why did I take 4 semesters of Music Theory at the college a couple of years ago? Sometimes you just need to remind yourself that even though you chose the best path for you and you don't regret it, you COULD have done anything.

Diane said...

Oh and I need to add....you COULD have done anything....and you, my dear, could have been a geek.

Glad you chose the cool route, but have funning hamming anyway!

mrc-w said...

Haha, you are definitely connected with strange people now (sorry Dad, Billy, and Uncle Bill!) :)

And to Diane - way to go on the music theory! I think that's awesome!!

Heidi Lee said...

Heather, I am excited to see what the next feat is that you accomplish. You amaze me!

mrc-w said...

P.S. Please tell me they gave you a "radio hat" when you got your license!!!

Kulio said...

I can only HOPE they're gonna send me a radio hat - haha....and yes, I join some of the stranger members of my family for sure - haha (that's a COMPLIMENT!)...

Brent said...


Geek factor is on the rise.

Rock, on, Cuz!

Beth said...

Please let us know if you find any intelligent life out there.

Wilde said...

Congratulations! I'll soon be looking for international QSL cards neatly arranged on the wall of your "shack." Sorry, that sounds like a geeky compliment. :o)

Michelle said...

At the end of the world, you'll be the Chief of the Comm. Centre. Nice, right? Thanks for your comment on the blog about the cell phone. My husband is 'strapped' to one as well. I've actually tried to break it when he's not looking. Next up, I'm going to create a pin, poster and sticker campaign.

Patresa Hartman said...

ham radio license! what on earth? how interesting!

i love the end of this post. so clever.

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