Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Stranger and I

I was standing in line to rent a movie on Friday night
behind this couple who were laughing and talking,
when suddenly the man let an exclamatory toot out of his rear end.

He paused in his conversation, but his girlfriend hadn't noticed.

The thing is, I noticed, and he knew I noticed.

When the line moved up, I moved up also,
because even though he knew I knew,
I didn't want to embarass him further by standing back
and leaving a wide space between us.

So there I stood,
right in the middle of the invisible green cloud,
in order to spare the feelings
of a man who was a complete stranger,
and yet,
with whom I shared a terrible secret.

I finished paying for my movie
and stepped to the doorway where
I watched him drive off,
with the girl who was clueless
of the connection that had formed between us
in those few seconds of darkness.

The silence I kept for him.
The placid smile that hadn't wavered on my face.

And I let him go.

Wishing him well,
wishing him...less magical fruit,

I let him go.



Beth said...

You could have been a Southern girl with all your decorum and charm.

And you are hilarious! I love your subtle humor.

Diane said...

And yet don't you feel that some small part of him stayed with you? Its almost, I don't know...inside of you?

Kulio said...


KEK said...

ha that was funny when you told us!

Kelly said...

Bless you for supplying me with endless entertainment during Eli's 3am feedings... my sides hurt from laughing!

kool kenna said...


Lisa Y. said...

Laughing until tears run down my face! The way you tell a story is priceless!!!!