Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Job

Yes, I do have a new job!
This is one of those...
must-wear-shoes and comb-your-hair and leave-the-house
kind of jobs.

The guitar studio where middle child and twin boy take lessons,
asked me to join the staff and last Saturday was my first day!
Today is my second day - I only work Saturdays
and so far have three students.

I have two cute little sisters with purple guitars,
and a fifteen year old boy who wants to learn the bass
so that he can be in his friends' band.
He looks like one of the Jonas brothers,
with curly black hair all in his eyes.

I teach keyboard, guitar and electric bass.

Off to work!



Anna Lefler said...

It would be awesome to have you for a teacher!

And your town looks very charming and it.

Have a smooth weekend...

:^) Anna

Lisa Y. said...

Congrats!!! Wish we were closer so Parker could study with you. He'd love to learn to play guitar.

Beth said...

I wish I was in your town. Or you were in my town. I'd send my youngest to you to learn more about his electric guitar. Although I'm not sure he'd listen.

He is a huge Jimi Hendrix enthusiast. And he is left handed. And he HAD to have a white electric guitar for right handed folks. And he is playing it upside down - just like Hendrix. Only he hasn't turned into Hendrix yet.

You can't tell that boy anything...

Congratulations on the new job!

kool kenna said...

and then that new student with all that enthusiasm :)