Wednesday, February 18, 2009

First Real Haircut

Twin girl visited the "beauty salon" for the first time in her life at ten years old.
She loved the idea that it was a professional's job to make her look beautiful.
Isn't this why we all pay good money to sit in the chair???

Twin Girl: Before Haircut

Twin Girl: After Haircut

Twin Boy: Needs A Haircut



Beth said...

I love twin girl's hair! And I love longer hair on boys. Both look great!

Kristy said...

Love looks fantastic on her.
Please tell her that I think she's absolutely beautiful.
And he's so handsome, too.

Lisa Y. said...

Oh you can tell she loves it...look at the big smile on her adorable face! Beautiful haircut, twin-girl!

Lisa Y. said...

Twin boy is looking very in style with the long hair. My boy's got the shaggy look too.

kool kenna said...

haha i thought the captions were above the pictures so it was all like after and it was james! haha then i got it.... lol