Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cheap Thrills

We're all sitting in the kitchen waiting for someone to call us,
because we just got a new phone and the ringer is set to
Beethoveen's Fifth.

Life is really going to change around here when we get cable.



Beth said...


And don't get too psyched about the cable. We have 99 channels and nothing good is ever on.

Diane said...

Ha - that's hilarious!

I was shopping for an old-fashioned desk phone on amazon this afternoon. I'm SOOOO tired of my cordless ones being out of batteries. I just want a plain, old-fashioned corded one!

But they're $50!

Kristy said...

Oooh...that's the best ringer EVER!!!
btw...I responded on my blog to your comment/query about Mtl...not sure if you saw it.
Or if it helped.
More info to come, if you want it.

And I'm with Beth.
Cable is often overrated.
Well, except for Without a Trace and CSI. I found those while home with newborn baby Addie last year...she drank her milk to the soundtrack of death, destruction, and the excellent work of the FBI.

Heidi Lee said...

So your getting cable?

Heidi Lee said...

Why is there an x where my face should be?