Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Good News

Anybody ready for good news?

I'm just ready to hear something good for a change.

For anyone who leaves a comment here with Good News of ANY kind -
personal news,
local news,
national or world news...

I will put your name into a hat, pick one,
and send the lucky winner a refrigerator magnet from my good friend
Evan G. Vanderwey,
the home loan represenative who is lurking around my mailbox,
hoping to help me take out a second mortgage
when the Teenager begins college.

Go AWAY Evan!


But he has a nice face, he looks young and hopeful.
He'd look good on your fridge.



Diane said...

Here's mine. It's not gonna be important good news to anyone but me, but here goes....

My 8-year old son went to bed tonight w/o getting up crying an hour later. Its been going on since Christmas and I've tried and tried to pin it down. I've talked to the teacher (thinking maybe he was being bullied at school?) and my husband and we're all stumped.

The only thing I did differently was I took the extra time to cuddle and read with JUST him tonight....

And it worked.

Its the best news I've had since Christmas and I'm glad to have a chance to share it.

KEK said...

Here is mine:
All of us got home safely from the Great Wolf Lodge!


Kulio said...

Oh I love that, Diane! That is GREAT news, and it does apply to the rest of us -- because it means that the seemingly unanswerable problem...has an answer. Thanks!!

And KEK, you KNOW that is good news for me too!!!

Ms.Lo said...

My good news is something I discovered (again) quite recently:

Laughter is still free!!


Ms.Lo said...

I love Diane's, too.

Heidi Lee said...

Good News from the DeBackers..we drove straight through the night to and from Florida and we made it safe. I'm happy to be alive.

mrc-w said...

Love the good news! Mine is that Jon and I found out that we will be an uncle and aunt again this fall (Jon's brother and sister-in-law are expecting)!

Beth said...

Hey! As always I love your insight. I tagged you on my blog. I'd love to know more about you. :)

Diane said...

I thought that the Beth reading your blog was... well...Beth! But it is someone else.

So Beth - you say on your profile that you live in the sticks of GA and I happen to live in the STICKS of GA - I'm in No. Ga - in the mountains. You?

Wilde said...

Aww . . . love you. Call anytime, I mean that, and I totally agree about the real Twizzlers! :o)

Wilde said...

Something good for you :o) I've always had a habit of picking up pennies and thinking, "Oo--good luck." But, in the past couple of years, I've seen them as an extra signal to be thankful for something good in my life. I started saving this "found money" and now my little jar is full. Along with lots of pennies and other coins, one day it was a ten dollar bill, and another time, it was 13 dollars. Now I know what special thing I'm going to do. :o)