Sunday, September 28, 2008

This Counts

It's all in the details, of course. And our details may be the most creative and artistic, or they may be humbly messy and lopsided. But either way, we understand that sometimes it is the very smallest thing that has the most value in the world of a child.

Like today.

Twin girl packed her purse before church, and then un-packed it for me to see.
She was delighted with herself because she had packed:
lens cleaner and soft cloth
a small flashlight
and a house key on a keychain.
As she re-packed it before getting into the car, she smiled and shrugged quietly, saying, "Well you never know."
She was prepared for anything.

And when we got back home, do you know that the door was locked?
(How did I know that it was gonna be locked...hmmm....)
We never lock the garage door, but there you go.
The teenager came back to the car looking put out, "It's locked!"
I heard a gasp from the back seat.
"Mom! Mommy! Wait! Wait! I have it---"
She was climbing over the seats and almost fell into my lap, breathless.
She pulled out her key and handed it to the teenager.

She smiled at me, eyes shining proud, oh what a smile.

See now, that counts.


Heidi Lee said...

This is a wonderful story! I can picture the whole thing, because I know Beth so well, and I know her reactions to things. What a sweet kid, and how fun for her, to save the day.

And for the ROCK. I have learned so much from you over the years when it comes to kids.(and other things as well)

Diane said...

Ohhhh - so sweet. And for you to notice that moment....priceless (as they say in MC commercials).

So you're saying that its ok that I buy birthday cakes and don't make them from scratch? (yes, my second recently came home from a friends house and exclaimed that there are these cake 'kits' in boxes and you only have to add eggs, oil and water and you can make your own cake!!!).

I'd like to see those cake-baking Moms code a website, though, huh? Or do all the things you can do...pentatonic scales while standing on your head!

kool kenna said...


your a great mom!!

(and aunt)