Sunday, September 21, 2008


Okay so we have a new expression.
This is my serious attempt to get the following saying into circulation.
Go and spread the word:

"My itch is gettin' wiggy."

It happened tonight at the husband's store where a big Halloween kick-off event was going on...I took the children to see it all decked out, and before long they were donning costumes and walking around with buckets of candy to offer to customers.

So middle child walks up to me wearing a huge Hannah Montana hairdo that is going askew, and she says it:

"My itch is gettin' wiggy."

We looked at each other and burst out laughing. The teenager overheard and says in his newly deep voice, "My itch is definitely gettin' wiggy." He passes it on to boy twin who doubles over in laughter...

Later in the car we discuss the actual definition of this new, fine phrase and everybody takes turns trying it out aloud. It feels really good to say and it definitely describes a feeling of inner itch, whether you're wearing a wig or not.

You can say it when you've just had enough and you're ready to go home. You can say it when there's a tag bothering you and you just have to change clothes.
You can say it when your patience is wearing dangerously thin.
You can say it when you've abruptly changed your mind and the only reason you have is that niggling feeling inside that something isn't quite right.

My itch is gettin' wiggy I gotta go to bed.



First UMC said...

that IS a good saying!

Reminds me of when lori says "woot!". Every time she says it I think "that is a great word and i HAVE to use it" but then I never do. I completely forget about it until the next time she uses it.

Kulio said...

I always think of Victor Wooten when she says that. Woot! Maybe if I write it a couple of times it'll come out of my mouth. :-)

Kristy said...

I love how family members find shared humour in the moment.

Looking forward to my trolls being old enough to share in moments like that. The bigger one is almost there...but the little one still thinks it's the height of hilarity when we say "boo!" and raise our eyebrows.

Heidi Lee said...

I love it!

Michelle said...

LOVE the itchin' wig.

C'est qua ├ža: "Miss Read" - do tell!


kool kenna said...

HA! i am so using that this week!!

Try out Boo-Ya!
(our family saying)

I also use woot!

kool kenna said...

awesome! Im totally using it! I will put it into circulation over here in Portage through school and church...dont worry i will explain its orgin

Molly said...

Hahaha, your kids are so funny, I can just see it! :)

Unka Rik said...

My itch is most definately gettin' wiggy! Love the post. Love the poster. Love the postelettes.

cjs said...

ditto what my dad said.

once when savannah was little, she was acting up and I asked her what the problem was...she replied, "I just feel...scratchy."

KEK said...

ha! that's funny, carin! and mom, it wasn't a hannah montana wig. i would not wear a hannah montana wig. it was an adult wig, so of course it wasn't a hannah... adults wear hannah montana wigs?


Kulio said...

oh man, I'm sorry...NOT a hannah montana wig at all, you're right, it was just a cool blonde wig (sorry!). But you have to admit there were LOTS of Hannah wigs there - we were surrounded! I just lost my head for a sec. :-)