Saturday, September 27, 2008


I went around turning off lights that had been left on today, flicking them absently.
I reached in and flicked off the bathroom light, and stepped out.
I stopped.
Stepped back in, flicked the light back on, and saw this:

I raised my eyebrows, flicked the light back off and went on about my day.


Heidi Lee said...

Ha! That is so cute. So I wonder, were they making boats? Where are the people that will sit in them?

Or, are they mini hats, and they wondered if they could float?

Did they get distracted during this project, left it, and then forgot about it? OR, was it a little surprise for whoever was coming into the bathroom next?

That had to put a smile on your face. It would me.

Diane said...

This IS so cute!

Molly said...


Kristy said...

What a lovely, sweet little surprise.

When children float paper boats, it just seems like such a hopeful exercise.

Love it.

kool kenna said...

thats great! i 'gree with heidi lee