Wednesday, September 10, 2008


At Christmastime, when they bring the pine tree into the house, my eyes start to itch. Actually, not my eyes themselves, but the skin around them. It's a mild allergy, and doesn't cause me too much trouble overall.

But a couple of times this summer, my itchy eyes have flared up. This time, it sort of drives me crazy - it's much worse. I've tried all kinds of concoctions to soothe it, but nothing helps, and then it disappears again mysteriously. Nobody in the family can figure out what is triggering this reaction.

Which brings me to my revelation.

Yesterday I decided that the overgrown cherry tomato plants on the side of the house might be to the point where somebody should do something about them. I took a pair of kitchen shears and began furiously trimming away excess foliage. I attacked those plants like a mad scientist and worked until after dark, clipping and tossing with no regard for my own personal safety.

And then the itching started.

I came inside and studied my eyes in the mirror.
Suddenly, an incredible sense of well-being swept over me.
Through no fault of my own, but according to the wishes of Mother Nature herself,

I am allergic to gardening.

Glory, Hallelujah


Anonymous said...

I love gardening, so I'm not envious...


Molly said...

Haha, that's funny :) I wish I were allergic to cooking, haha, or allergic to cleaning up after Wanda, haha :)

Diane said...

No babe. You are allergic to tomato plants. I am too....i prune them or even just pick them, and my arms are covered in rashes.

You are not excused, therefore, from other forms of gardening.

You must procreate.

Kulio said...

I can't hear you....

Kristy said...

Use WHATEVER excuse it takes.

Buy tomatoes.

I was gardening and found a solid gold man's wedding band in our front yard.

Still waiting to find the finger.

Kulio said...

And yet another reason not to go digging around disturbing Mother Earth!

Just kidding all, I am in awe of good gardeners everywhere....