Saturday, September 04, 2010

Lap of Lux

I am sleeping at my parents' house tonight.
Busy, busy weekend, with performance last night,
memorial service this morning, wedding rehearsal this afternoon
and a wedding tomorrow.

My parents are "local" to the events so here I am and I must say
it is always good to be home.

When I got here, my parents weren't back yet
but I found a tupperware of homemade oatmeal raisin cookies on the counter.
I ate four.

My mom made my supper, but I wouldn't let her cook me up something fresh.
I said I wanted the mysterious thing in the pyrex dish in the fridge.
All I knew is that it was a leftover of my mom's cooking.
It had chicken and cheese and stuff in it.

She grudgingly warmed it up for me
but kept asking what else I wanted to go with it.
What did I want to drink?
Do I want chips?
(heck, YEAH!)
"Let me get you dessert!"

Was my life really like this when I was a child?
If so, when did I lose my mind, grow up and leave this luxurious place?

Later I plan on getting stung by a bee.



Brian Miller said...

haha. it is fun to go back at times....and i like left overs as well...might stay away from teh bee though...

mrc-w said...

I love being fussed over like that! I also like your mom's secret stash of black licorice!!

TechnoBabe said...

Having never enjoyed being treated like that I can only say would you ask your mom if she would want to adopt and old gal??? You write with such joy and humor and love.

Annie said...

That sounds JUST like when I go to my mom's house. And I wonder the same thing. - From MN