Tuesday, September 07, 2010

First Day 2010

The Teenager (Senior)

Middle Child (Freshman)

Twin Girl (6th grade)

Twin Boy (6th Grade)

Every "first day" since Kindergarten, we have walked them to school.
It gave us time to talk and calm the jitters,
time to see them to the door with one last hug.

This year they all went off without us.
They are really growing up.



mrc-w said...

AHHH I can't believe "the teenager" is a senior already!
Cute pictures of all the kids! "Twin boy" looks like he's so excited he can't stand still! I hope they had a wonderful first day back! :)

Brian Miller said...

whew and i thought putting them ont eh bus was bad...smiles. i take it they had a great day?

TechnoBabe said...

The end of a family tradition but the beginning of a new chapter in the family book. Your family is so precious. And I so like your red front door.

Heidi Lee said...

They are beautiful!

How FUN that your oldest...am I not supposed to name names? I forget! can drive them now. Awesome!

Anonymous said...

I love those pictures. Put a lump in my throat. They really are growing up. They are beautiful.