Saturday, September 25, 2010


I have two students on Saturday mornings.
A 10:30, and an 11.

And some mornings when I am in my pajamas at 10,
thinking about splashing some water on my face
and heading down to the studio to make a little plan,
I wish for a nice relaxing slow morning instead of lessons.

This morning, wish granted, both cancelled.

So here I am with a second cup of coffee.

And that's how my world seems to work itself out
because today was going to be a very busy day.

Middle child in the parade at 2,
tractor pull downtown all afternoon,
(a place to see and be seen of course)
working the front gate at the rec league football game
for my cheerleader at 4:30,
evening Ox burgers and dollar rootbeer floats
at the Fireman's Field Days gathering
down by the fire station.

Okay now that I've written it all out,
it doesn't seem so hectic,
in fact it sounds like a really homey, country way
to spend a Saturday.

mmmm, coffee.



TechnoBabe said...

You are so funny. Glad your day seems more doable when you type it out and see it that way. Enjoy your whole weekend.

Brian Miller said...

we have the boys birthdays today...worked all morning and on the way home...but hope to take another cup of coffee before all the littles arrive...hope you enjoy that day...

Heidi Lee said...

Oooh...I like this day a lot.

Janice said...

I like surprise cancellations that make more room in my day too!

Diane said...

Sometimes I read your posts and think to myself, "who IS this person?"

Love you!