Friday, September 24, 2010


I am wearing the most hideous thing imaginable.
It's a lime green tight jogging shirt with
lime green jogging shorts that don't quite match the shirt.

I can't explain its hideousness,
it's sort of like the pants come up a little too high,
and are a little too poofy,
and the top is a little too tightish and just not quite
the right shape.

And the top has to be tucked into the pants
because the shirt is too tight
and the shorts are too poofy.

All this to say,
I do not like these clothes,
and I am going to put them in the Goodwill bag,
but usually before I do that,
I like to wear the rejected clothing
one more time.

As if they know they are not wanted,
but I need them to know that no matter how repulsive
they are to me at this moment,
I still appreciate them.

And I do.

And I hope nobody drops over today.

The end.



Brian Miller said...

haha...its like a marcy wearing...nice...

Kelle said...

Ha ha. I love that you gave a shout out to your outfit before you gave it up. It deserved it, I'm sure.

Katelyn said...

hey! That is hideous! But I geuss some people can like it but definetly not me!see yuo tomorrow by Katelyn

Katelyn said...

woopsie spelled you wrong!