Saturday, December 19, 2009

Something New

I started playing with a little jazz group this summer
and last Friday we spent the day in the studio,
making a demo CD.

The recording guy said that a photographer was stopping by
to take pictures for an online magazine that was doing a feature
on his studio and would we mind if he caught us in action?
I said fine but I would have combed my hair and worn something cool had I known.

The singer chick Abigail and our band leader Keith:

Ed the drummer:

Randy on keys and me with apparently no makeup on.

All of us:

Listening to a rough mix in the control room -
You can see my shoes, I'm sitting on the couch exhausted,
eyes closed, with my head back.
This is a typical posture for me. :-)

Home by 5, had my pajamas on by 5:15, in bed by 9 that night.
It felt like a good day's work.



Beth said...

How cool! I hope we can hear one of your jam sessions one day.

TechnoBabe said...

That is awesome. I listened to your music and I had hubby listen and we are rooting for you, and would be interested in the CD. Keep us informed.

Michelle said...

And then the photographs will be worth a fortune someday to fans and trivia hounds. Can't wait to hear the fruit (recording) of this day. Rock on.

Brian Miller said...

nice...and nice pics as on hearing the jam session!!!