Saturday, December 12, 2009


I just love
It saves me at Christmas.
Free shipping on orders of $25 or less,
and great prices.

It makes me want to buy and buy and buy and buy...

Okay maybe "it saves me at Christmas" is not the right phrase.

But it sure saves me time and gas.

Today just for fun I searched "stocking stuffers".
Not because I'm going to buy any of course,
that's Santa's job.

And the number one item listed?

The Pull-My-Finger Fart Pen, $1.99

Followed by:

Slingshot Flying Chicken with Cockadoodle Scream Sound, $5.10

I especially like the suggestion of:

Meatball Flavored Bubble Gum Balls, $8.95


Last but not least?

Bacon Bandages, $3.50

Ho Ho Ho!!



Brian Miller said...

i love amazon! the flingshot chicken actually looks pretty cool. the bacon bandaids and meatball flavored gum...yikes! lol.

mrc-w said...

Ewwww to everything but the slingshot chicken, hahaha :)
And I also now love shopping online! I used to like to go to the mall at Christmas and do that whole thing, but now it is too hectic for me and I'd rather be home! Go Internet! :)

TechnoBabe said...

Hey, good suggestions there. I might get the bacon bandaids. I know the grandkids would like those!

Wilde said...
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Wilde said...

Eww! And, the stats--yikes! People really need laughs for Christmas. Guess I have to admit that I WOULD like to hear the chicken. :o)

kool kenna said...

hahahaaa i want some bacon band-aids!