Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It Takes A Village

The husband was quizzing Middle Child for her American History test.

I was only vaguely listening as he hammered away at the questions,
spitting them out in a merciless staccato
while Middle Child murmured her answers with her head down on the table,
tired and bored of memorizing words.

"What was the French and Indian war,
who fought in it,
where did it occur,
who won it,
and was the indian in the Village People an actual native american?"

She sat up and blinked.

He cracks me up.



Michelle said...


Brian Miller said...

lol...i saw them once at UVA...

TechnoBabe said...

Got her attention!! Did she know of The Village People?

Wilde said...


mrc-w said...

Haha, nice!

Heidi Lee said...

Awwww...love that! He's so fun.

Anonymous said...
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