Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I have a new garden.

It is like a baby -
I check on it,
I worry over it,
I bathe it and
tuck it in.

It is very public,
out in the way back of our property,
the neighbors see me trudging out there
working a wheelbarrow,
me with the soft hands
and sensitive skin.

If these plants die,
if they do not grow...

I will take it personally.



Heidi Lee said...

Thats awesome!! Stay committed to tending to "your baby" and it should do GREAT!! Can't wait to hear how it goes!

Michelle said...

Dude! This looks like a cool rig. Is it a soil base with straw over top to keep weeds down and water in?
Lemme know.

Kulio said...

It is a "no-dig" garden (you can google it!) and has layers of compost, alfalfa, etc, with straw on top, yes, to keep weeds down and water in, well said! :-)

SiSi said...

my mom's growing tomatoes this year. I love home grown ones!

Kulio said...

Sisi, I just bought the first tomatoes of summer from the farmer's market and we had them for supper...nothing like homegrown!!!

Beth said...

So, what did you plant? We have cucumbers, tomatoes, and eggplant growing in our flower garden.

And like you, I'm disppointed when something doesn't thrive in my garden.

Thanks for the awesome letter to my faculty! You have a way with words.