Friday, May 22, 2009

There Really Is A Hole

Today was the last day of school.
I love reading through their accumulated papers.
Twin boy brought his writings to me,
and this one in particular I will save forever.

It is so sweet and full of childhood innocence,
and yet,
guilelessly sinister.

My Special Place

My special place is my backyard.
It is a big beautiful field.

I have two ackers of green grass.
There are tons of dandelions in the summer.
We have swings that are lots of fun.
We also have a pool that has lots of toys for it.

In my backyard we have a half of an acker of woods.
I like hunting back there.
We have a pond in the woods.
There are lots of trees to play in.

There is a big hole in our back yard.
It is so big that we can bury people in it.
I sail boats in it.
I play cars in the hole.

My backyard is my special place because its big,
there are woods,
and there is a big, deep


KEK said...

ha ha! that is SO FUNNY!!!!
i love it!


Kelle said...

Oh, I love it.
My favorite part: you can bury people in it.
Ha ha ha!

Kristy said...

I love this...happy happy happy DARK happy happy...
Exactly how kids think.

Michelle said...

Again, another great start to another great movie script.

kool kenna said...

hahaha i like it

Ashlee said...

Do you really hunt?
I`ve seen the hole and it is really big!!

mrc-w said...

Nice hole! I bet for little boys, a big deep hole in the backyard is something of a status symbol.