Monday, May 11, 2009

He Let One

Tonight one of my students passed gas,
but his dad was in there with us,
so I couldn't do my normal thing
which is to stand up casually,
walk over to the window and
breathe deeply with my nose pressed to the screen.

I had to just sit there and pretend like I hadn't heard it,
and couldn't smell it,
when in fact I had,
and I could.


Heidi Lee said...

That is so gross. I am sorry you had to breathe in his gas coming from his rear.

kool kenna said...

hahaha!!! you do that?? ha i can only imagine. *starts humming song with image of nose on a screen*

kool kenna said...
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billy said...

That happened to me YESTERDAY!! It was in Kindergarten music class. They served Mexican food at lunch. I have a hunch it came from this teeny tiny little girl who always dresses up with ribbons in her hair, but her legs, socks and shoes are dirty. She always has this weird grin that makes me nervous, like she knows something I don't. It was so bad that I seriously thought I would barf.

billy said...

I have a hunch it came from lunch, the stench in the air, from the little one with ribbons in her hair,
like thick gray fog it hung around,
drifting, rising, without a sound, and no one else noticed the little one, with wiry grin and beady eyes that spoke to me with guarded glance,
"I think I might have pooped my pants."

Kulio said...


Okay it's way too early on a Saturday morning to be laughing this hard...Billy you CRACK me up!

krishna kashyap av said...

Ha ha.. better luck next time..
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