Monday, April 06, 2009

On Vacation

I have...
held hands with a child while we slept,
walked on the beach in the dark,
walked on the beach in the early morning,
played Marco Polo,
brushed a knot slowly and carefully out of a child's hair,
slathered copious amounts of sunblock onto backs and shoulders,
held a child's chewed gum for a while,
walked on a windy beach, hair whipping everywhere and smiling,
collected shells, mostly baby cradles,
had conversations with children,
visited a best friend,
and had ice cream three times.

So far it's going very well.



Beth said...

Sounds like a great vacation! I really want (lets not even mention the need part) a good vacation.

Enjoy yourself!

Ashlee Cryderman said...

Are you guys still there?
Wish I could be there!
Have fun!!!

Diane said...

Miss you....

Heidi Lee said...

Yeah for you! There is snow here! Enjoy being away!

Michelle said...

Like where you go away and don't hafta do ANYTHING?
Nice. Rest on.

hendy said...

haii....... I ask your ice cream... nice to meet you. can I add your link???

Lisa Y. said...


Kelle said...

oh, that's a real vacation! and it sounds divine! yay!!1 xoxo

mrc-w said...