Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Third Day

Does she 'poo?

Well here I am on the 3rd day -
it's Tuesday and I last 'pooed my hair (with real shampoo) on Saturday morning.
I've been washing with baking soda/water, rinsing with vinegar/water since then.

And the verdict is...my hair feels sorta weird.
It looks great in the mirror, but feels slightly oily and it's bugging me a bit.
I'm not sure how long I can hold out.

Here's a cool article from Nature Moms.
Thanks, Joann, for passing that on.

According to the article, it can take several weeks for your head to adjust.
It's used to excess oil production because we strip it every day with 'poo.
My head is supposed to calm down eventually.



Heidi Lee said...

So you are not supposed to wash it daily? How often are you supposed to wash with this new "poo?"

Beth said...

Thanks for being willing to be a guinea pig for us! I'm going to wait for your final conclusion.

Thanks for all the updates!

Michelle said...

Ummmmm....I've heard that ("...it just balances...") before when I had an exboyfriend who was into the "au natural" and tried to talk me out of showering/shampooing. This story goes on to end poorly. Rock on sistah-friend and keep us posted. If you can make it work I'm going to try this.
Peace. (And thanks for reading!)

Kulio said...

Yes you wash it daily with the baking soda/water, and rinse with vinegar/water, you just don't use any other type of shampoo. So the last time I washed my hair with real shampoo was Saturday morning. :-)

Diane said...

Well, I tried it today and I'm out! My hair feels dry and stripped. I may do the curly hair version of the nopoo. You only use conditioner - no shampoo. Maybe I could do a version where I use the baking soda on my scalp (that's the part I liked) and skip the vinegar and just use conditioner.