Sunday, April 19, 2009

No 'Poo

No Poo Ingredients

Water and baking soda for the 'Poo

Vinegar and water for the rinse (plus a little bit of vanilla extract)

Always on the cutting edge of things (ha), I decide to pursue the latest trend in greening:

No More Shampoo

I had to try it, and this afternoon mixed up a batch of what I affectionately call,

"No Poo 'Poo",

jumped into the shower and tried it out.

I was really amazed at how soft my hair was after massaging my scalp with the
No Poo-Poo (I love saying that), and then following with the refreshing vinegar rinse.

I'm going to try it for a time, and see if I like it enough to change my habits.

I successfully gave up commercial laundry detergent several months ago and
haven't used typical anti-perspirant in years. I make my own dishwasher detergent, am growing my first real garden, am getting a Mother's Day gift of my very own compost bin and maybe someday we'll have chickens...

But back to the hair.

My biggest concern was how my hair would smell after rinsing with vinegar,
and walked around for the last half hour asking people to smell my wet hair.
Every single one of them said that it smelled really really good, so that part of it is okay.

But is my hair clean??

Stay tuned.



Diane said...

What happens if you get the vinegar in your eyes?

I was reading a curly hair forum a while back and they're really into not shampooing too. Better for the curls.

I'm sure there was something they used to get clean every once in awhile, but I'm sure it wasn't vinegar. Can't remember.

Keep us updated on the poo though! Or no poo.

Diane said...

Ok - found the forum! ITs at and they advocate just using conditioner and now shampoo. Its a totally different reasoning than you - its more to avoid frizz.

I may try it though!

Beth said...

So, is the vanilla for the smell? I'm really interested in how this works for you.

Also, how 'bout some more info on making your own dishwasher detergent, etc.

And no deo? I don't know how well that would work in the Deep South. It gets pretty darn hot down here.

Kulio said...

haha...well I have VERY strong natural smell (to put it nicely), and I was leery of trying some wimpy natural remedy vs my ultra-strength anti-perspirant (that left nice white residue on all my clothes and yellowed the armpits of my white shirts...). But I tried it and it SO works. It's Crystal Rock natural deodorant - it doesn't keep you from sweating, but it sort of neutralizes the bacteria that naturally occurs in that warm, moist environment. I am such a strong believer that I have actually had people smell my pits for proof.

Kulio said...

Diane - I don't know about it getting in your eyes! But honestly, that was the first thing I noticed when I towel dried my hair was that when I scrunched it, it stayed curly and normally I just have wave in my hair. I'll check out that forum. Really, time will tell on this thing - I will NOT walk around with greasy hair.

Heidi Lee said...

VERY interesting.

You inspire me.

I am the non-greenest person in the world I bet.

mrc-w said...

Here's a recipe for "green" dryer sheets:

Fill a bucket or other container with 2 parts water, 1 part fabric softener. Throw a couple of small sponges (regular sponges cut in half) to soak. When you need a "dryer sheet," wring out the excess from one sponge and throw it in the dryer with your clothes.

I love going green! :)

Kulio said...

Oh, great recipe for dryer sheets, how cool! I bet you could do the same with vinegar and some vanilla to scent it - that makes a great fabric softener.

I'm lovin' vinegar, ha.

Diane said...

I love vinegar too! I use it in my shower sprayer (I have the battery-operated kind) and it takes care of the scum SOOOO much better than the expensive re-fill that the sprayer company sells.

Diane said...

I need the recipe for dishwashing soap, please.