Sunday, November 09, 2008


Does anybody remember Wrapples???

Take an apple....add a Wrapple....wrap the Wrapple round the apple, add a stick....

I want one.



Diane said...

So you're saying they don't make them anymore?

Kulio said...

I love your new pic btw.

Nope, they don't, but you can get "Concord Foods Apple Wraps" at Walmart.

sigh. It's just not the same.

(Plus they only come with 5 in a package, what the heck???)

kool kenna said...

my mom said they were gross, then i told her about this and she said, i guess they're no bad, lol
they look really good!

Heidi Lee said...

Don't remember them....guess I'm too YOUNG yet..hahahahahaha...I just remember the yellow package, that you can get now.

Lisa Y. said...

Oh I do remember those, but I also remember just wanting to eat the caramel and leave the apple. Yum!