Monday, November 03, 2008

To The Polls

Tonight the phone rang, and I answered it.
My mouth dropped open and my eyes got really big.
I started gesturing toward the phone with my eyebrows really high,
waving my hands to get the children's attention, pointing at the phone, and pretending to mouth words to them.
I put my hand over the mouthpiece and with great emphasis said,
"It's MITT ROMNEY!" they all gasped.
They started running around shrieking to each other while I shushed them and paced the floor,
phone pressed to my ear.
"Mom," one of them, breathless, rushed back up to me, ecstatic,
"Mom. WHO is Mitt Romney?!!!"
I waved them off pretending to listen intently.
Then I beckoned them to come, and with finger to my mouth,
in turn pressed the receiver to their ears.
They responded beautifully,
awed, reverent even...
and nodded importantly to each other.

The masses are easily impressed.



cjs said...

as am I.

impresessed, that is.

mitt romney...


you think that's cool, you should see all the emails from obama in my inbox...and hillary. and bill. and even chelsea.

I know.

so cool.

cjs said...

that was...impressed.

I know.
wondering if others are wondering if I know how to spell impressed.
as if.
I can't let it go.
you understand, don't you?
I thought so.

Kulio said...

haha...I totally understand...

and...LUCKY! Chelsea, for real?

It's cool how we get to rub shoulders....just 'cause we have a vote!

Diane said...

I can't wait for this to be over!!! We had the weather station on today...THE WEATHER STATION....and I paused in my cleaning of the kitchen to notice that everyone was frozen at the breakfast table, staring at Obama being called a terrorist in an ad.

Nice. All I wanted to know was if the kids needed their parkas today!!

In case you're wondering, they didn't.

Heidi Lee said...

Thats cool Heather! I love Mit! He was my number one choice. Oh well!

mrc-w said...

Wow!! That is really cool!! What did you say to him?