Saturday, November 08, 2008

Math Facts

Those timed tests are a real struggle for twin girl, just like they were for me.

So we got her some glitter glue pens, and she started working on making flashcards.

After about two were done, she discovered that if you fold the flash cards in half before the glue dries,
it makes a really cool pattern when you open it back up.

Can't figure out why those timed tests are so hard for this one, no siree....



Heidi Lee said...

Hee hee! Love that!

Enjoyed seeing you last night...thanks for adding Darby's color charm to my bracelet. I love it!

riahbell said...

I am So glad that you guys could come and hang out with us today! that was so much fun!

kool kenna said...


cjs said...

oh, I am smiling.

tell your sweet beth she and her cousin carin are clearly related.