Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Weird Girl

Weird things happen to me.

Today, I was stung by a bee.

That's not so weird, but consider this:

I was standing in my bathroom, blow-drying my hair,
and suddenly a bee stung my blow-drying hand.

Who gets stung by a bee in their own bathroom?

And yet...
that bee had to figure out how to enter the house,
make its way upstairs into my bathroom,
and then fight its way past flying hair and gale-force winds
in order to sting me.

I give him some creds.

The Bee Who Lasted Until November.



kool kenna said...

haha that made me laugh

Diane said...

They get totally whacko this time of year. Their last hurrah or something. I can just hear him, "If I'm going out, I'm gonna make it mean something!"

KEK said...

u got stung by a bee?
did it hurt?
i've swatted 4 bees that got into the house now!

cjs said...

I am laughing.

oh, and I DID post again.

then deleted it.

long story.