Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cars and Me

This morning I got my arm caught in the steering wheel,
up to my elbow.

I actually veered onto the grass, and had to stop the car completely
before I could unwind the wheel and get my arm out of it.

And this was just while navigating the driveway.



Diane said...

How do you even do that?

Kulio said...


I know.

Heidi Lee said...

Oh my word Heather....I don't have any comments on this one. But I am getting a visual.

KEK said...

ha! sorry, but i just can't imagine how that could HAPPEN!


mrc-w said...

Umm, maybe you need to lay off the coffee, hahaha :)

kool kenna said...

wow! i tried reading this outloud to my fam. but i just kept laughing. Hahahahahaha wow.

runner95 said...

kara is wrong (jk) that happens to me all the time! i try not to fall, trip, or break something, and i end up getting stuck in something! i know what its like!

lol, tessa