Friday, January 14, 2011

No Thank You

She ate all of her mashed red potatoes with the skins on.
She ate all of her green beans.

She left her fish alone and said,

"Is it okay if I don't eat the fish?"

Pan-fried tilapia, served with a dollop of butter
mixed with fresh lime juice,
lime zest, diced serrano chile and salt.

I was only thinking of the time I'd put into making that dish.

I said, "Oh honey, there are lots of vitamins in that fish,
you should eat a few bites."

She gave me a pained expression.

I said, "One bite of fish?"

She looked down at the fillet and turned a little green.

"Ohhh!" I said, understanding dawning.

She had some more mashed potatoes and smiled at me gratefully.

Sometimes I am so thick.



Brian Miller said...


mrc-w said...

That took me a second too, don't worry!
Aw, that is sad though :( You guys should get some chickens (of course then she might not want to eat chicken, but they don't die off like fish)

Lisa Y. said...

Definitely need to get chickens.

Anonymous said...

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