Sunday, January 02, 2011


Twin Girl got an aquarium for Christmas, and happily chose fish from Walmart to fill it.

She has this way of beaming,
and this way of eyes-wide-open-trust and hope.

The fish did wonderfully until a few days later when we decided to add some more
from another discount, mass-market store.

Four died, two of the old and two of the new.

They had already been named.

She cried quietly and stopped looking at the tank.

She sends Twin Boy into the room before her to check to see if any more have died.
She makes him check first thing in the morning too.

She got a headache.
She couldn't sleep last night.
She can't sleep now,
and is on the couch reading a book,
trying to get sleepy.

The Teenager said,
"Leave the light off, and then you'll get eyestrain
and it will make you tired."

She ignored him and I watch her there,
so quiet,
so sensitive,
and I want her to feel better.

But I am also glad that she has that thing inside of her
that keeps her fresh to pain.

If that makes any sense at all.



TechnoBabe said...

Having pets does leave us open to learning to enjoy what we have while we have it and letting go when they go. What you say about pain does make sense. Death is part of life and must be dealt with. Maybe it is also a lesson not to get fish from different places and put into the same tank. I never thought of that before reading this post.

Brian Miller said...

oh i hear you...we buried my sons fish in a pill bottle in the yard...if we ever leave he want to dig it up and re bury it at the new home...

mrc-w said...

Aw, sad news about the fish! Poor Beth :(

Heidi Lee said...

OH! That is heartbreaking!