Friday, March 11, 2011

He Broke His Lent

Our family discussed the possibilities of Lent as we gorged on Paczki
Tuesday morning.

He said he wanted to give up his DS.

I said, "Are you sure?"

I said, "For 40 days, are you sure?"

He was so sure.

Yesterday we called home to check on the children,
who were left to their own devices because we had an event.

"How is the Teenager?" we asked Twin Girl.

"He's fine," she reported.

"How is Twin Boy?" we asked.

"He broke his Lent," she said.

He lasted a whole 24 hours.

He looks so very sorry, doesn't he?



Brian Miller said...

hey 24 hours is a step, right? smiles. fasted for 24 hours and breaking it last night was amazing...smiles.

mrc-w said...

Aw, haha, at least he picked something that was really challenging!

TechnoBabe said...

The cool thing is it is his decision to do or not to do. He must have learned something with this experiment, he even looks wiser.

Heidi Lee said...

Ha. That is cute. Well at least he tried. He is better then me!

I'm giving up nothing!

But I still love Jesus.

Kelle said...

Ha ha. I love it. But Heather, he looks SO cute. Dude, he is rocking that hat.

Brian Miller said...

whassup kulio! long time no see...hope you and your fam are well...have a great 4th!